Flourish Creative Arts Retreats

Note: The format for these retreats changes every other year!


(Open to everyone, all ages welcome, pick and choose your level of participation!)

Even years, the three-day Thunderground performance retreat invites participants to work closely with professional artists in the creation of new work on a farm. Collaborating guest artists guide participants through exploratory and experimental performance work with the specific goal of generating and developing usable performance material at a future date. ALL are welcome to participate, no performance experience necessary. Interested individuals can participate 1-3 days. (fees, housing, and registration specifics below.)

TRUE LEAF RETREAT (Returns in 2015)

(Open to everyone, all ages welcome, pick and choose your level of participation!)

Odd years, the three-day True Leaf retreat uses a master class format, bringing guest artists in for a series of three master classes over as many days that are designed to encourage participants to access their “true leaves.” (The term “true leaf” refers to the third leaf that appears on a vegetable sprout, the one that distinguishes it from every other sprout.) True Leaf offers classes in variety of performance techniques for novices to skilled performers. The retreat is offered in conjunction with the visual arts Field Studies series. True Leaf is set to take place again in 2015, so please check back again at that time.


For those attending either retreat, Field Studies visual workshops will be offered to complement the performance-based work. (fees, housing, and registration specifics below.)


Flourish Creative Arts Retreats are open to anyone. All ages are welcome. The retreat sessions are designed to give participants creative tools and approaches to use in daily lives and careers. The focus is on communicating an idea through a particular art form. Participants need not have background in any of the disciplines offered. The work is oriented to a variety of skill levels, allowing participants to engage at a comfortable level and to challenge themselves to grow.

A unique aspect of the program is the farm space itself. The farm space is central to the Flourish mission to challenge traditional concepts of performance spaces. Participants are encouraged to explore using the various backgrounds and settings that the farm offers to affect and/or deepen the message they are conveying.


For those residing onsite, rustic cabins are available. Bathrooms and showers with running water are adjacent to the dining facility. All facilities are 'off-the-grid' and employ solar electricity. Participants should come prepared to experience 'simple' living. Participants are also encouraged to be considerate by using soaps and shampoos that are biodegradable.


All meals are prepared on-site, from scratch with fresh organic vegetables from the gardens at DreamAcres, along with other locally purchased ingredients.

Participants will be taking part in some of the harvest of the vegetables for their meals, and will no doubt take pride in their having a hand in the process.

Another culinary aspect of the Flourish experience worth mentioning is that Flourish attendees will likely have the opportunity to taste one of the exclusive wood-fired pizzas from the hand-built pizza oven at DreamAcres.


Details regarding Thundergroung Retreat pricing will be available shortly. Please check back often.

Field Studies Workshop Participation: $30.00 / Workshop
Note: this option does not include the cost of meals*.

*The suggested donation for additional meals is $8 per meal – please pay what you can afford.

Flourish is committed to being accessible and affordable to all. Don't hesitate to ask about financial assistance if needed. Financial Aid is available in a variety of forms: including payment packages, scholarships (of varying levels) and sponsorship. In some cases, camp fees may be offset through an exchange of goods or services. Please inquire about an arrangement that will work for you at info[at]flourishsummercamp.org.


Please download, fill-out and mail-in the registration form, which can be accessed here.

Flourish is generously supported by the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council with funds from the Minnesota State Legislature.